Did You Know About Emperor Ashoka’s ‘The Secret Society Of Nine Unknown Men?’

The theory of Nine unknown men dates more than two centuries back when Emperor Asoka has his reign all over India. He was the first Emperor to unite India. In his quest to conquer Kalinga, then a neighborhood country, Asoka fought a fierce battle which saw Kalinga losing more than one lakh of its soldiers. Though Asoka won the battle, the sight of massacre shook him from inside and he decided to follow the path of non-violence. He converted Buddhism and spread the religion to all over his empire

The emperor founded a ‘Secret Society of Nine Unknown Men,’ who were great Indian scientists appointed to catalogue many sciences

The Nine Unknown Men

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Emperor Ashoka was well aware of the horrors of war and therefore kept their work as secret as he was afraid that such advanced knowledge of these men would used for war, something he was against of


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The ‘Nine Unknown Men’ wrote nine books, one book each, responsible for guarding and improving their respective books

The first book was devoted to Propaganda and Psychological warfare contained messages aimed at influencing the opinion or behavior of peoplepsychology-warfareSource: via expanded–

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