11 Punjabi Songs That Even Non-Punjabis Swear By

Well if we go by the saying “MUSIC IS WHAT FEELINGS SOUND LIKE”, then we guess the feelings of our very own Pyaare Punjabis have hit the right cord each time. They manage to groove us move us and even teach us the rap style. Punjabi music has been the “IN” thing ever since I guess we began to understand what pop was!!! The loud, the soulful, the crazy and with spontaneous dance moves—is what Punjabi tracks get you on!!  As I rap to Angrezi Beat and sway to Chitte Suit Te, I realize that the Punjabi music craze has transited from being a hit only with Punjabis, to being favorite amongst those who even barely speak the language otherwise.

The Last Video Clip (#12) Is A Happy Surprise For you :)

1) Dil Da Mamla Hai: Gurdaas Maan became a national sensation and the country got hooked to listening to Punjabi music. Perhaps Maan opened the gates of Punju music to non-Punjabis.  Soulful and lovely!


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