10 Reasons Why Do People Hate Mondays

There are some things which can bring people together. No matter their religion, nationality, race, we all agree on one thing. We hate Mondays. Nothing good has ever come out of a Monday and we have good enough reasons to hate it too. I bring to you top 10 reasons for why we hate Mondays.

1. It’s the start of an entire week of work or schooling: You had a nice weekend, sleeping in or partying or just maybe spending time with your loved ones and BAM! Mondays pops up and ruins everything. You are taken away from the loving, cradling arms of the weekend and thrown at the feet of merciless Monday where you labour away at offices or schools, trying to stay up, focus, do your work, frankly which is like a punishment. #Waking on Modays like, aami Monjolika!!reasons why we hate monday lr

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